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Marton Harvest have committed themselves to consolidating electronic pop and dance music. Their sound is a reminiscence to melancholic pop, pulsating beats, driven ambience and the spirit of intension.

About Marton Harvest

Marton Harvest consist of Lennart Saathoff, Paul Große-Schönepauck, Julian Prießen and Jonathan Kastl. They met at the „Institut for Music and Media“ in Düsseldorf, home to important german musicians such as Kraftwerk, Neu and DAF.

After searching for direction and the right time and place to condense his ideas, Lennart Saathoff went to Iceland. When he came back he created Marton Harvest by surrounding himself with close friends. Together they set their goal recreate the special sound captured in his productions and combine everything live within an organic performance.

Their multimedial concerts are an experience. The four members of Marton Harvest stand within synthesizers, drums, guitars and drumpads. The technoid-like drum ensemble is moving, warm synthesizer harmonies are weaving a dense web and are completed by Saathoffs sentimental vocals. A flowingly changing light sculpture created by multimedia artist Gerrit Kress is simultaneously encasing room and sound into a fragile, intimate atmosphere.

Marton Harvest had their debut in October 2015 and soon went on to support the Grandbrothers for their Germany tour. In the summer of 2016 they were chosen by music magazine Intro as one of the Top10 Acts for „Mutti, wir spielen Melt!“ and went on to play Open Source Festival in their hometown Düsseldorf alongside great acts like Hot Chip, Bilderbuch and Get Well Soon.

Their Debut EP „Common Spaces“ is release on Futuregold Recordings.

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Marton Harvest